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●  OMRO’s Double-Sided Feeders come in 8’ or 4’ Lengths.

●  They make feeding easy and efficient.

●  The feeders are Galvanized for years of rust-free service!

●  The “W” feed pan discourages kids and lambs from lying in the feeder

●  Less waste

●  Higher sides keep goats and sheep OUT!

●  Basket allows feeding hay or grain from the top

●  Pans below for feeding grain

●  Ends of grain pan are open for easy cleaning/drainage

●  The 8’ model easily feeds 12 animals

●  Available in a 4’ model for smaller herds or for use in small barn spaces

●  Watch a video to see the feeder in action

●  Customer Comments say it best!

●  Dimensions:  36” W x 38” T x 8’ L

●  The 8’ version easily fit to be transported in a standard pick-up truck bed.

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Designed by VKV, Built by Omro Fabrication

Feeders for Goats and Sheep Feeders for Goats and Sheep by VKV Feeders for Goats and Sheep by VKV Feeders for Goats and Sheep by VKV Using Feeders for Goats and Sheep by VKV

We recommend you call ahead before driving to one of these locations to check on availability.

Ask about Product Numbers: 25530018 for 4’ Feeders or

25530021 for 8’ Feeders





Moorhead, MN


Austin, MN


St. Cloud, MN


Mitchell, SD


Redwing, MN


Aberdeen, SD


We are pleased to announce that
OMRO Double-Sided Feeders are now available at select Runnings Locations including: