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Here’s what customers have to say… Once they try them, many keep coming back for more Round Bale Feeders!

Round Bale Feeder Customer Comments:

These are amazing! I have 2 I bought for my sheep 5 years ago. I need a couple more!! Since I’m in western ND I will plan a trip your way this summer

  ~ Jennifer from western ND

“Here's a picture of the round bale feeder and how well it works for horses! Stands up to them better than any others we've had.”

  ~Gretchen Sankovitz, Waseca, MN

These Round Bale Feeders have saved us so much hassle of wasted hay! Keeps the hay above the goats so they can’t get in the feeder and pull it out

 ~ Sam Philips, Marshall, MN (On Facebook)

“We are absolutely in love with the hay feeder!  Could we place an order for 2 more, please?  Could you also put our name in for a 4' Double Sided Feeder in your next build?”

 ~Jessica Morehouse, Andover, SD

“Great people to buy from! Check out their page! We have two bale feeders from them and just ordered a third!”
  ~Carol Jelinek, Barnum, MN

“I would like to purchase a round bale feeder.  We bought one a couple of years ago and it works great.  Herd expanded and we need another…These work so well with the goats.”

 ~Gayle Duda, Omaha, NE

“I’m going to have to purchase another round bale feeder from you. Hopefully you have some available.

Yesterday, I lost a very good yearly doe in my old bale feeder. That’s enough…. I purchased your bale feeder about a month ago and I have virtually 0% hay loss. It is very well designed and there is no danger of strangulation, even kid goats. I may have to work or fluff a tightly wrapped round bale every so often, but that makes me jump in and check the herd. If you ever need testimonials, I have no problem promoting your product. One day I took a picture of how little waste there was from a dry leafy alfalfa bale. I don’t have much time this season of the year but I may have to make time to Venture to Minneota.”

  ~Mike Reiner, Tripp, SD

Hi, Just wondering if you would happen to have another feeder done that I could purchase. ... Not buying three when I was there was huge mistake, they work great and I really would like to get another one.

  ~Sheldon Hofer, Bridgewater, SD

“Here’s a pic of the feeder (see sheep photos). Look at 0 waste underneath it!! I love it! This will pay for itself easily!!… The pictures tell the story. You gave good tips when I picked it up. If the customer follows them, it works great. Best round bale feeder I’ve ever seen.”

  ~Doug Kraayenhof, Hills, MN

“We also have a big round bale feeder for our 4 horses and it's amazing! Very little waste and because it's built like a brick s@&thouse it stands up to their abuse. Highly recommend them”

  ~Gretchen Sankovitz, Waseca, MN

“We would like to order another round bale feeder ... We have ordered from you before and we love the feeders. We have three of the round bale feeders and really like how they help prevent hay waste. They are so much safer then other feeders we have tried.”

  ~Rosemary Syverson, Brainerd, MN

“We would like to purchase another round bale feeder if it is possible...The round bale feeder is the best. Save lots of time...If people have the equipment to work with round bales your round bale feeder is the best way to go! We drove many miles to get your round bale and it was well worth the trip! Jeff's construction is for making life easier and for a feeder that keeps hay off the ground, goats out of the feeder, reduces waste, and keeps goats healthier good quality forage on a consistent basis. Thanks for the quality product.”

  ~Jackie, Ron and Michela, Ceylon, MN

“I have purchased two round bale feeders from you and found that they have virtually eliminated losing goats due to bales falling or collapsing on them. This used to cost me 3-4 goats annually.  Also, goats do not jump into these feeders, which eliminated another health problem.  I would recommend these feeders to anyone who feeds round bales.”

  ~Curtis Haaland, Aberdeen, SD

“We find ourselves in need of some more round bale feeders.  I just visited your website and am sad to see that you have sold your goats... we are in need of 3 round bale feeders and 2 four foot hay feeders.”

Teresa Hoeper, Vining, MN

We also have one of these feeders and love it!
~ Amber Pfleghaar  (On Facebook)

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